A solid serial murder mystery decorated with some of the most infuriatingly incompetent police operating under the military dictatorship of Korea in the 1980s.

It’s good, but maybe a bit overshadowed in retrospect by the great things Director Bong Joon-Ho (PARASITE, THE HOST) would go on to make.

Still, worth your time, especially if true crime is your jam.


Bong Joon Ho (OKJA, SNOWPIERCER) is one of those directors whose projects vary so wildly from one another as well as within their own runtimes that it’s a disservice to try and say something like “oh, it’s a social commentary con-artist movie comedy thriller I guess?”

Every film of his is its own rollercoaster through genre, tone and style and 2019 Palm d’Or winner PARASITE is probably the very best example — having just stepped out of it I’m at a loss to describe it in any way meaningful beyond a very strong recommendation and that this would have to be his best film in a cadre of great films.

I skipped the trailer, you should too, just go in for a wonderful, hilarious, dark ride.