When Breaking Bad finally wrapped, it seemed unlikely that we were going to see a show as good again for a long time.

And then, here comes a prequel/spinoff which somehow manages to not only surpass it, but to actively improve and build on the original series.

It’s remarkable. Even knowing full-well where things are going, BCS manages to wring an incredible amount of tension and character growth out of every moment of screen time.

It’s superbly shot, brilliantly acted, and up there among the best written and directed shows of all time.

Even if you’ve never seen Breaking Bad, this is an absolute must watch.

Highly, highly recommended.

EL CAMINO: A Breaking Bad Film (2019)

Poor, poor Jesse Pinkman.

Of everyone in Breaking Bad he really got it the hardest, and while his final moments in the series were of a kind of ecstatic, cathartic release after all he’d suffered his story was still always overshadowed by Walt’s.

Great then to spend some more time with him both as a retrospective on what made BB such a brilliant show and as a way to give Jesse and a handful of the supporting characters one last moment in the sun.

If you’re a fan of the show you’ll probably have already watched it like everyone else this weekend. Highly recommended.