BACURAU (2019)

If Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino were scruffy indie filmmakers in near-future Brazil, this would be right at home in their collection.

Brought together by the death of their matriarch and then set upon by foreigners, the tiny town of Bacurau turns out to be anything but the quaint speck on the map it presents itself as.

Great tone and place and sense of community personality, every character feels real even if they never get a single line. Feels like part SERIES 7, part BLACK MIRROR, part BATTLE ROYALE.

Loose and rough and charming. Great fun, especially watching with a crowd of Brazilians who’ve taken up its spirit against their corrupt government and have been rallying around it.

Definitely check it out.


Bong Joon Ho (OKJA, SNOWPIERCER) is one of those directors whose projects vary so wildly from one another as well as within their own runtimes that it’s a disservice to try and say something like “oh, it’s a social commentary con-artist movie comedy thriller I guess?”

Every film of his is its own rollercoaster through genre, tone and style and 2019 Palm d’Or winner PARASITE is probably the very best example — having just stepped out of it I’m at a loss to describe it in any way meaningful beyond a very strong recommendation and that this would have to be his best film in a cadre of great films.

I skipped the trailer, you should too, just go in for a wonderful, hilarious, dark ride.


If you only watch one movie about a lonely man and his love affair with a jacket and also the jacket wants to be the only jacket in the world, make it this one.

From the guy who brought you RUBBER (a movie that I fell asleep partway through and never returned to) comes something so delightfully surreal and odd and continually surprising that it can’t help but be charming.

Much of the fun of it hinges on the boundless charisma of Jean Dujardin (THE ARTIST, CAIRO: NEST OF SPIES) but as a tiny indie film that knows its scope and works with it, this was a great time.

Best enjoyed knowing absolutely nothing more about the premise or plot.