Of all the Bond films, this is probably the series at its most absolutely ridiculous and is all the more hilarious and charming for it.

It’s got it all! Casual sexism, bad green screen, a laser battle, hot astronauts, a guy popping out of a coffin in a gondola throwing knives only to be killed by his own knives, a doomsday/repopulation plot, terrifying clowns, another gondola that transforms into a hovercraft that causes a pigeon to do a double-take…

Seriously, if you want to settle in with a bottle of wine and be wildly entertained for two hours, get on it.

Casual observation: I wonder how much Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister draws from the mannerisms and tone of Hugo Drax? Actor Michael Lonsdale even bears more than a passing resemblance, it’s uncanny.

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