BIG MOUTH s03 (2019)

Feels a little more refined in its exploration of middle school life, having stripped back a few of the more superfluous characters (Coach Steve) to give more screentime for the good hormone monsters and the changing friendship dynamics of the core group.

Still a better sex ed class than anything I remember from highschool, funny that such a crass, gross show would also manage to be very much progressive and open in discussing the change to adulthood and all the mess that comes with it. Some sidesplitting gags in there and some hilariously inappropriate musical numbers.

If you didn’t like the prior seasons you might find this one a bit less weird for the sake of weird and a bit more focused, if you liked the previous two seasons you’ll enjoy this one too.

Felt like it’s been readying itself to step up to bigger things or evolve and grow with the kids, I’d be interested to know how they’re aiming to approach future seasons.

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