As BOJACK goes this is by a wide margin the most existentially optimistic season, taking the time to explore each of the characters at turning points in their lives where they’ve mostly grown out of their old selves but are still feeling out where to go next and who they now are.

And knowing BOJACK one can’t help but feel uneasy, that this is the calm before some terrible storm, that all the work that’s been put in for everyone to pull themselves out of their black pits and to make genuine, earnest, earned progress… that all of it might be the setup for an even bigger fall. For a riotously funny show about anthropomorphised animals behaving more humanly than humans it always feels like it’s dangling over the edge of the abyss. It’s frequently a masterful exploration of the darker aspects of humanity and modern life, and a little reprieve from the earlier seasons’ heaviness is welcome.

So this season was emotionally hopeful, and if it ended here that could be enough in many ways. But, being BOJACK, something dark is waiting when the final stretch of episodes lands early next year. There are still consequences due.

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