HANNIBAL (s01–03)

Not so much a review as an appreciation post (plus I wanted to paint Mads in the role).

Anthony Hopkins is iconic and no slight against him, but Mikkelsen is the perfect casting for Hannibal Lecter. He oozes a chilling charisma, excercising total control of everyone around him.

In fact, it’s hard to find fault with any of the casting. Richard Armitage’s turn as Francis “The Great Red Dragon” Dolarhyde makes you wonder why he isn’t perpetually a leading man.

The visuals are horrifying and beautiful, a high water-mark for television production and still holding up exceptionally well.

Really, the only true flaw is that the cast has not been reunited to bring home The Silence of the Lambs in a final season.

Here’s hoping it pulls enough viewers now that it’s all on Netflix to inspire them to make it happen.

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