Starts out seeming like THE GRUDGE before taking a couple of left turns into campy, ridiculous, and absurd. Your mileage may vary.

It’s definitely entertaining, fantastically shot, and will either intrigue or baffle with its originality.

It’s also strangely melodramatic, frequently silly and the actual twist is so hilariously weird that you’ll either find this to be a work of genius or throw the whole thing out.

Feels like modern day 80s horror trash, a solid three-star film. You already know by now if this is your jam.

So, recommended. Or not. Your call.

But if you just HAVE to know the twist:


Turns out, the main woman had a conjoined telepathic twin fused to her back. He takes over her body, facing backwards (because his face is on the back of her head) to seek revenge on the doctors who surgically removed him. His face is hidden inside her skull so she cracks it open whenever he takes over. Also he has a serial-killer workshop in her attic somehow.

It’s ridiculous: kind of amazing, kind of terrible.

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