SPIDER-MAN: No Way Home (2021)

A brilliant conclusion to the Tom Holland/Jon Watts “Home” trilogy, that is almost impossible to discuss without severe spoilers for the back half of the film.

Best appreciated knowing as little as possible beforehand, but I’ll still keep from spoiler discussion until after the click-through below.

The shortest spoiler-free review is: it’s bloody great, go and see it.

Fundamentally, this is taking MCU Spidey and directly addressing the criticisms levelled at this incarnation (Iron Boy Jr, a lack of Uncle Ben, too many advantages compared to the traditional depiction) and playing hardball with them to set up what may well prove to be the most wonderully accurate cinematic Spider-Man we’ve ever seen. Personally, I’ve always loved this Spider-Man, but to see how they’ve maneuvered the franchise into what it will be going forward is an absurdly impressive feat. Everyone gets their cake.

Some CG is a little wonky, but it’s balanced out by some fantastic Dr Strange sequences (Multiverse of Madness hype!) and wonderful character work. I genuinely believe Tom Holland will win over a lot of his haters with this one.

Look, spoilers are all over the internet, try and get out to see it as soon as you can. Otherwise, I’ve barricaded spoilers behind the jump.

Highly recommended.




You know how Avengers: Endgame was like “Hey, remember the last ten years of Marvel movies?” Well, No Way Home went for “Hey, remember ALL OF SPIDER-MAN?”

Yes, multiverse shenanigans mean that both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield get folded in. They’re in a whole half of the film as supporting characters. And more, we actually get resolution and closure for hanging threads from all the previous Spider-Man franchises. There are a thousand ways this could have utterly failed, and yet it’s pulled so many disparate threads into a cohesive story AND still managed to keep it centred on MCU Spidey.

Ultimately the reveal that the whole “Home” trilogy is … this Peter Parker’s origin story. It seems almost cruel, but the tragedy usually associated with the character has finally landed and left him completely alone to struggle in the world, and this is the core of what Spider-Man is.

With news of another trilogy in partnership between Marvel/Sony in the works (perfectly positioned for his college years), this is just a wonderful, nostalgic trip that sets up incredible promise moving forward.

You did it, you magnificent bastards, you actually did it.

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