Is it a bad movie?


Is it the good sort of entertaining?

Also yes.

Some brilliantly ridiculous action stacked in around long stretches of flat exposition and some weird character choices.

The plot’s a mess and the acting’s stilted but it’s also fun when it’s chewing scenery and revelling in being the most Mortal Kombat it can be.

Highlights are the Scorpion/SubZero sequences (which sadly only stack up to around 20min of runtime bookending the main story), and some gloriously, hilariously gruesome FX.

Unfortunately it doesn’t really manage to keep the same gleefully ridiculous momentum it starts out with, but it does ultimately end on the right side of a good time and works as a decent enough setup for a completely bonkers sequel if they really go for it.

Worth a watch if you’ve got no higher expectations than some schlocky, trashy fun.

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