It’s tough to really discuss what sets this apart from any other coming-of-age superpowered story without utterly spoiling the thing that sets it apart.

So more generally I can say that it has fun takes on a lot of well-worn tropes and has a couple of refreshing things to say on the way these sorts of stories play out.

The voice cast is incredible and the action is visceral, even if the animation outside of the grand set pieces can tend to sway on the cheaper side. Still, it didn’t detract.

You’ll know if you’re on board by the time the credits on the first episode finish rolling.

Absolutely not for kids.



Hooooooooly shit does that first episode take a hard right turn into ultraviolence! I’d heard that things got wild for the mid-credits but they really did an excellent job of establishing a tone up until that point that really sticks the landing when they smash it into bloody bits.

There’s some only a few moments throughout that really live up to the same level of brutality, otherwise its mostly just some nasty realities of human physiology and physics.

Now that the initial wave of teen angst and superhero teething is out of the way I’m hoping for some more of the creative plays on the tropes (I’ve not read the comics), so I’m looking forward to this coming back around in a year or so.

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